Not so funny, April Fool’s Day!

Today, I held a child’s hand during the last shaky golden moments of childhood as he knew it.  While his mom held one hand, I held the other and talked him through what it would be like getting an IV for CT scan. Crying, nose running, complaining “I can’t breathe”, his quivering lips and tears spoke to my momma’s heart.  While I worked, I told him about when my little boy got hurt, and how our family got through that okay. That he would make it through okay too. Nearby, his mom held his other hand and stroked his arm, worry evident in her concerned face.  Little did any of us know, both of their lives would soon change forever.  For that was the last hour that suspended them between “normal” and “cancer”.  From niggling concerns to need for immediate intervention.   That beautiful eight year old boy had a growth pressing on his airway, as well as advanced leukemia. He needed to be sent to a bigger hospital, where all the scariness would grow tenfold for him. Where needles and tubes and beeping IV’s would soon be a way of life. I’ll be praying for that little blue-eyed boy with the tousled blonde curls. And for his momma. And for all his future IV sticks. May God be a God of Mercy and Healing during this Easter season and every season. (April 1, 2019)

                                                                                                 Nurse Ames, RN

left human injected with hose on white textile
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